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Company History


Today, Nord-Micro as part of United Technologies Aerospace Systems is a modern aerospace company with 450 employees and 132 M Euro of annual sales. It participates with key technologies in major national and international aircraft and R&D programmes. The main activities of the company cover the design, development, production and product support of Cabin Pressure Control Systems, Ventilation Control Systems and Fans, Humidification and Dry Air Generation Systems.


Nord-Micro's systems are used on programmes such as Airbus A300, A310, A320CEO, A320NEO, A330, A330NEO, A340, Airbus Corporate Jet, A380 and A350XWB,  Boeing B737CL, B737NG, B737MAX B747, B777,  Boeing Business Jets and on B787, Embraer 170/175/190/195 and Lineage 1000 Business Jet, SAAB2000, MHI Regional Jet,.


Nord-Micro’s Fans are used on Commercial Aircraft (B737, B747, B777, B787, B767, B757, P-8A, KC-46A, C919 and CSeries), Reginal Aircraft (E-Jet, M-Jet), Corporate Aircraft (Global Express 5000/6000), Turboprop Aircraft (Q400, MA700) and Helicopters (S-92, AW169).




At the beginning of the year the Airbus A350 XWB has its Entry into Service with the destination Frankfurt, the home of Nord-Micro. The Fan business is transferred from Hamilton Sundstrand to Nord-Micro.



In its 50th year Nord-Micro completes a new office building. It complies with the highest UTC „LEED Green Building“ Standard. AVIC selects Nord-Micro for the MA700 Cabin Pressure Control System.




A year of first flights: Boeing’s 787-9 and Airbus’ A350 get airborne for their first flights with systems from Nord-Micro aboard. First time in its history Nord-Micro is crossing the threshold of 100 million Euro ($139M).



In spring 2012 Nord-Micro Cabin Pressure Control Systems were in service for 25 years and have accumulated a total of 250.000.000 flight hours.



In September 2011 Nord-Micro celebrates with the worldwide aircraft community the Entry into Service of the Boeing 787 “Dreamliner”. The Ventilation System Integration facility at Nord-Micro in Karlsfeld gets completed.



With the delivery of MSN 4389, an Airbus A319, to Brazilian carrier TAM on July 28, 2010, the 10,000th Nord-Micro Cabin Pressure Control System (CPCS) went into revenue service The Airbus A330-200 Freighter, including a special version of the Ventilation Controller, achieves certification by the Authorities.



Nord-Micro’s cabin pressure control system for the Boeing 787 supports a successful first flight in December 2009. Flawless operation during the flight test campaign is recorded since then.

Boeing grants Nord-Micro the 2009 Boeing Supplier Performance Excellence Award.



Nord-Micro becomes part of the Hamilton Sundstrand win on the MHI Regional Jet and takes on responsibility for the cabin pressure control system and ventilation system components.



With the delivery of MSN 3000 of the A320 Family to AirAsia in January 2007 there are now 3.000 of Nord-Micro’s Airbus Single Aisle Cabin Pressure Control Systems and more than 1.600 Cargo Ventilation & Heating Systems flying around the globe.

Honeywell selects Nord-Micro for the A350XWB Ventilation System including the Humidification and the Dry Air Generation sub-systems.




The Airbus A380 Cabin Pressure Control System, Ventilation Control System and Avionics Ventilation System are being certified by the Authorities. Nord-Micro delivers first hardware of the B787 Cabin Pressure Control System. The 2.000th B737NG with Nord-Micro’s Digital CPCS enters into service at SouthWest Airlines on July 26.



With the Embraer 190 the third out of Embraer’s new aircraft family achieves type certification with the 195 the only outstanding. Hardware deliveries for the A380 systems commence while Nord-Micro is awarded the order for the A380F freighter version.



Nord-Micro is selected to supply the Boeing 787 cabin pressure control system and several low pressure valves. Qualification of the A380 Cabin Pressure Control System, the Ventilation Control System and the Avionics Ventilation Systems is being started. With the delivery of Ryanair 737-800 aircraft EI-DCV, line number 1618, we have delivered 2000 Digital Cabin Pressure Control Systems on 737 aircraft.



The Nord-Micro cabin pressure control system is certified on the Embraer 170 aircraft. The world’s most advanced Flush Air Data System, jointly developed with EADS in the VECTOR programme, is successfully tested on the X31 experimental fighter aircraft.



Airbus selects Nord-Micro as its partner for the further definition, development, manufacture and support of the A380 Cabin Pressure Control System, Ventilation Control System and Avionics Ventilation System. Nord-Micro systems have first flights on A318, A340-500 and Embraer 170. The company is honoured as a "Hidden Champion" by the Hessian state government and the Association of Hessian Industries.



Development of valve suite for the Embraer 170/175/190/195 air management system starts. Airbus selects Nord-Micro to provide the optional Dehumidification System for its long range aircraft family. The German Ministry of Defence selects Nord-Micro to participate in the pilot programme for innovative Tornado logistics. Nord-Micro receives an order from Boeing to provide the Forward EE Exhaust Valve for the B737-900. Eurocopter awards the series production contract for the Tiger Automatic Flight Control System.



Nord-Micro participates in new research programmes co-funded by the European Union and German Government with focus on advanced pressure and underfloor ventilation control as well as hybrid laminar flow technology. The production investment phases for Nord-Micro’s work shares of the Tiger Automatic Flight Control System, Eurofighter Leading Edge Actuation System and EJ-200 engine Air Flow Control System commence.



Development of the A340-500/600 Cabin Pressure Control System as well as development of an Isolation Valve for the A340-500/600 start. A contract is signed with China-based Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering (AMECO) for maintenance of cabin pressure control systems in China. Embraer selects Nord-Micro`s Cabin Pressure Control System for the new Embraer 170/175/190/195 family of regional aircraft. In November, Nord-Micro acquires Telair International Electronic Systems located in Karlsfeld (close to Munich/Germany) from Telair International Services.



Nord-Micro receives certification to ISO 14001. Sumitomo Precision Products awards a contract for the development of a special-to-type Cabin Pressure Control System for the Japanese US-1A Mod maritime rescue aircraft.  Airbus selects Nord-Micro for the A340-500/600 Ventilation Controller which will also be used on all models of the A330/340 aircraft family. Nord-Micro and Claverham (United Kingdom) found OTIV, a joint venture company located in Kirchheim (close to Munich/Germany) for the provision of integrated logistic MRO support of military combat aircraft.



Air Canada orders Nord-Micro's digital Cabin Pressure Control System to retrofit their DC-9 fleet. An order to retrofit the C-9 VIP aircraft of the US Air Force follows.



Nord-Micro's Quality Assurance System is certified to ISO 9001. The contract for overhaul & repair of the Primary Flight Control Actuators for the Tornados of the German Air Force is received.



Northwest Airlines selects Nord-Micro to upgrade their DC‑9 fleet with an advanced digital Cabin Pressure Control System. Boeing awards contracts for the B777 Lower Lobe Attendant Rest Shut-Off Valve and the B737 Overboard Exhaust Valve. JAR-145 certification is received. The German Federal Ministry of Economics starts a 4 years shared cost research programme, Nord-Micro’s participation is focussed on future pressure sensor technology, integrated modular avionics and advanced cabin pressure control techniques.



Nord-Micro receives FAR-145 certification. Development of a complex Suction Control and Monitoring System for hybrid laminar flow control to be flight-tested on an Airbus A320 fin starts.



Saab selects Nord-Micro for the Cabin Pressure Control System of the Saab 340 AEW aircraft. The Commission of the European Community awards the first of a series of shared cost contracts to Nord-Micro for research and development in the area of hybrid laminar flow technology. 



Nord-Micro receives a contract from Boeing for development and production of a Digital Cabin Pressure Control System for the B737 classic and B737 new generation models.



Nord-Micro signs a contract with LET for the Cabin Pressure Control System of the turboprop regional airliner LET 610G.



Nord-Micro wins the development and production contract for the Saab 2000 Cabin Pressure Control System.



Nord-Micro receives contracts for the development of the Air Intake Pressure Transducer and the Air Data Computer for the Eurofighter. It also participates in the Leading Edge Actuation System and the EJ-200 engine Air Flow Control System as work share partner. Additionally, Nord-Micro is selected for the development of the Automatic Flight Control System for the Tiger helicopter. Lockheed awards the development contract for the P-7A Cabin Pressure Control System to Nord-Micro.



Nord-Micro wins the contract for the development of the fully automatic Cabin Pressure Control System for the Airbus A330 and A340 as well as for various valves for these aircraft.



Nord-Micro starts research on key components for life support systems of the European Space programmes Hermes, Columbus and the European Space Suit.



Nord-Micro is extending its activities into the area of helicopter flight controls on the basis of a redundant automatic flight control system.



The Nord-Micro product range is considerably extended with the development of the Cabin Pressure Control System and a variety of valves for the Airbus A320 family.


Overhaul and repair for the Afterburner Fuel Control System and the Secondary Flight Control System for the Tornado of the German Air Force begin. Nord-Micro is awarded a technology contract for the development of a quadruplex fly-by-wire flight control computer system by the German Ministry of Defence and MBB.



Nord-Micro develops the AMX Precooler and participates in the development of the Air Data Computer for this Italian-Brazilian aircraft. A development and production contract is placed by Saab for a combined Air Data Computer / Air Data Transducer for the Swedish multi-purpose fighter JAS 39 Gripen.



Nord-Micro receives certification for the A310 Digital Air Data Computer being the first European air data computer in accordance with ARINC 706.



Development and production on the Digital Air Data Computer and various Valves for the air conditioning system of the Airbus A310 commences.



Nord-Micro is awarded the contract for the development and production of a Cooling Unit for the electronics of the Bréguet Atlantic.



Development of high-precision pneumatic pressure generators for air data systems is started.



Nord-Micro begins development and production of the Avionics Cooling System for the European Spacelab.



The Tornado Air Intake Control System is qualified and the production investment phase commences.



Nord-Micro becomes one of the first German companies to receive approval of its quality assurance system in accordance with AQAP-1 from the Federal Office for Military Technology and Procurement (BWB). Development starts on the Water Separator and Heat Exchanger for the air conditioning system of the Alpha Jet.



Nord-Micro wins the competition for the development and production of the digital Air Intake Control System for the Tornado.



Overhaul and repair of the Phantom F-4 Air Data Computer for the German Air Force extends the repair programme.



Production of more than 900 Afterburner Fuel Control Systems for the J-79 engine starts.



Overhaul and repair of the Pneumatic Starter for the J-79 engine of the Starfighter is incorporated into the repair programme.



Nord-Micro is founded as a repair company for the Air Data Computer of the Starfighter F-104G of the German Air Force.

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