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Flight Systems

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Flight Systems
As consortium leader, Nord-Micro develops and manufactures the automatic flight control system for the German/French and export helicopter Tiger in co-operation with Thales. Further activities are development and production of flight control systems for Zeppelin NT and Cargolifter Joey, cockpit instruments for fuel flow and quantity, angle of attack and engine gas temperature as well as participation in the leading edge actuation system of the Eurofighter Typhoon.

Air Data Systems
Nord-Micro air data computers and air inlet controls are installed on the Airbus A300 and A310, on the JAS 39 Gripen, Tornado, Eurofighter Typhoon and X31-VECTOR. These advanced computer systems feature state of the art computing unit architectures with comprehensive self-test capabilities.

Engine Accessories
Nord-Micro develops, manufactures and supports components of the air flow control system for the Eurofighter Typhoon EJ 200 engine. Furthermore, pressure transducers and pressure sensors for Hamilton Sundstrand engine controls are produced.

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